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White jumpsuit for womenimgJumpsuit for women made in white fabric are popular.
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White sleeveless dressimgThis white sleeveless dress is the prime choice of fashion ladies as a party dress.
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casual wedding dressesimgCasual wedding dresses are getting very much popularity these days in Asia.
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White hair lady with black sunglassesimgThe white hair lady looking much beautiful with black eyeglasses fashion 2014.
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Hyderabadi Tala Hua Goshtimg

Preparation time 10 minutes, cooking time 40 minutes; serve four persons.

Paya Curryimg

Preparation time 25 minutes, cooking time six hours; serve six persons.

Mutton Dhaba Karhaiimg

Preparation time 10 minutes, cooking time 50 minutes; serve four persons.

Gola Kababimg

Preparation time 70 minutes, cooking time 20 minutes; serve four persons.

Dieting tipsimg

dieting tips for ladies how can you get proteen and vitamins

Safe trick for eating mango img

very safe and adorable mango eating tricks



This red dressed girl wearing simple gold bangle.


Red high heels have been a tradition of UK fashion high heels.


This bride is wearing a beautiful bridal dress in green and maroon color, looks good with jewelry.



Most of the wedding dress shops are having stock of this modern bridal dress.


Karena Kapor introducing a new jewelry designs of classic Asian golden jewelry.


you just have to give all the details of your size and measurement so that we can make it for you.