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Summer Fashion Style

summer Wash new jeans twice
This is a Comes to Fashion And Style cashmere is best washed by hand. To dry it, use a salad spinner, which releases excess water in seconds.

Summer days fashionhugs

fashionhugs Cocktail rings and cluster
vintage dress and retro fashion shows 1940's femme fatale Veronica Lake was famous for sculpted waves that virtually obscured her right eye. The insanely glamorous style for fashion photos.

weight loss

imgbeautiful chocolate cake

yummy fat free chocolate cake for birthday 

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Fashion Updates

low strappy heels for womenimgHere is a fine pair of low strappy heels for women..
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Blue long dress for wintersimgThis blue long sleeved dress is frequently used as winter fashion dress.
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Pink fashion dressimgEuropean clothing is full of fashion and style, this pink dress is a particular choice of celebrities.
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ladies wearimgHeres golden wear for golden hair ladies as sleeveless summer dress.
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fashion style

floral dressesimgFloral dresses are used as casual dresses all over the Europe.
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gold wedding ringimgTheres a changing trend for gold wedding ring, the new trend is simple design.
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Big sunglasses for ladiesimgHere are the best sunglasses for ladies. They protect you eyes as well as provide you a fashion touch.
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silver ladies long dressimgSilver long dress looks good with diamond earrings.
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